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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Up to 3,000 Romanian military retirees march through Bucharest to protest slashed pensions

Hopefully the Canadian Vets wont have to go this route.
Romania has been a strong supporter of the mission in Afghanistan and have been there since 2002.  Austerity measures must be taken to ensure that our economies are secure but not at the backs of the pensioners after all they have done for us.  
Imagine living in Europe on $580 dollars a month (now reduced to $362).

File:Romanian troops.jpg
BUCHAREST, Romania — Up to 3,000 military retirees singing war songs have marched in frigid weather through Bucharest to protest the slashing of their pensions.
On Patrol
Romania's cash-strapped government passed an ordinance in January recalculating military pensions based on the average national salary, not according to individual contributions.
Those protesting on Tuesday claim this decision has cut their pensions. They have sued the government and a court will hear their case on March 23.
"Down with the Mafia," they yelled, referring to alleged government corruption, while singing and shouting slogans against President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Emil Boc.
"It is a farce what is happening. We want our pensions the way they were before, not more and not less," said Dumitru Ranciog, 52, a former infantry officer, who said he was forced to quit the army when it was downsized. His pension monthly has shrunk from 1,750 lei (€420, $580)) to 1,100 lei (€262, $362).
Romanian Army dentist helping an Afghan boy at a Village medical clinic
In January, Romania's high court ruled that it was unconstitutional to cut army pensions, but retirees say they are not sure the government will respect the court's decision.
Retirees marched about 3 kilometres (2 miles) from the Military Academy to the government offices in Victory Square where they continued their protest. Traffic was diverted in the capital, angering drivers, already contending with road-works and a gridlocked road system
Romanian church in Kandahar Airbase

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