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Thursday, August 30, 2012

When Conspiracy has destroyed all sense of reason....

Conversation with a Pakistani man about the recent killings of soldiers and policemen in Pakistan by the Taliban.   This is the reason why Pakistan will continue to fall into destruction... the common man in Pakistan actually thinks the world is plotting the destruction of Pakistan by using Scottish nationals to dress as Taliban and behead the police and military. 

Osama was not found in Abbottsford but Abbottbad
Haqanni is in Wazaristan and Wyoming
Mullah Omar is in Quetta and not Quebec City
al Qeda is in Peshwar and not Pembroke
TTP (Pakistan Taliban) are in Swat Valley and not Surrey

Of course by the end of these conversations it always comes back to Israel and the Jews.....   

Its always the jews who control the world, control the banking, control foreign policy of every nation on earth, and even control the wars.........
We ask our children to accept personal responsibility for their actions and why cant we ask the same of countries?

I am not anti Pakistani in anyway I want Pakistan to admit it has a problem and destroy the evil that is the Taliban and that lives in its borders and cities.

Taliban Kill at Least 8 Pakistani Soldiers in Ambush
Taliban fighters armed with rifles and rocket launchers launched an ambush early Wednesday in South Waziristan, near the Afghan border, military officials and Taliban commanders said.
 ·  ·  ·  · 19 minutes ago near Edmonton
    • Paul Franklin Its so sad and so horrific

      "A spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, commonly known as the Pakistani Taliban, said the group’s fighters killed 20 soldiers during an assault on a post in the Serwakai district.

      The spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, said seven additional soldiers had been kidnapped and were later beheaded."
      18 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin I think in the next few weeks we will see the Pak army doing an offensive in the wazaristan region
      16 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib 
      TTP is a name to blame, an identity being used to distort the image of Pakistan and to divert the attention of people. Afghan freedom fighters (whatever West / media labels them) and groups within Pakistan (standing opposed to surrogate gov...See more
      15 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin Those soldiers are dead..... its time to look in pakistan and see the real criminals
      15 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib Uzbeks, Tajiks and even CIA people having beards and speaking Pushto have been arrested but quietly let out by our corrupt govt. This TTP is just another cheap attempt to blindfold people using the 'poisoned' media.
      14 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib I will agree to that last comment of yoursPaul Franklin
      14 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin The FBI CIA and even Xe dont have troops there they hardly have any people that speak Pashtun
      14 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin seriously you think there is 15000 western secret agents playing around in pakistan and yet the FBI has just 35 000 employees
      13 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib OH YES THEY HAVE....I was on Emirates flight to Karachi with a person having Scottish accent, he said he came here for a job. He didn't even go to the immigration desk and there were MP's with a sign board and took him separate in a room.
      13 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin The Americans dont care about paksitan and i dont mean that in a bad way im saying that they simply dont care
      13 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib as if FBI / CIA would release the correct figures, they say Osama was a terrorist. I say he wasn't and Bush is.
      12 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin a single scottish man means there are 15000 secret agents beheading policeman?
      12 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib True enough Paul Franklin but I know a lot many there who see the news channels and how badly Pakistan is being portrayed. Same happened with Iraq years ago and now the cannons have been turned upon us.
      12 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin sorry there will be no war with paksitan
      11 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin the west doesnt care
      11 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib I hope so too Paul Franklin
      11 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin its about the economy and its about getting out of afghan
      10 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin I know its hard cause the pak media has its own agenda and it and RT are perfect at fear mongering...
      10 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib True that, but do read about the "Black Flags of Khurasan", please do go through, just for info.
      10 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib absolutely
      9 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin Quite literally in the west there is no talk of war.....
      9 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin the only concern is the Iranian issue and of course syria
      9 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin If Romney wins then i could see isreal doing a strike on Iran
      9 minutes ago · 
    • Mansoor Habib It always was / is Israel behind all the issues. They are crazed imperialists and won't allow another alternate (that empowers common man and puts their leader accountable and has a stable financial and banking system) hence these wars waged with a motto to have everyone slaves to their system.
      6 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin There is no build up of troops in the region for anything against any so called enemy...

      In fact much of the armour that was in in Afghan especially the much improved anti mine trucks have been sent to Korea.
      4 minutes ago · 
    • Paul Franklin There is no desire for war either.... everyone in the US and you talk to anyone in the west and there is no desire for war on any level...

      the world doesnt even want to help get rid of Assad.

      There may be some special forces actions in Western Africa (mali) but thats about it.....
      2 minutes ago · 
        • Mohammad Mansoor Ali Ansari The Afghan Taliban are different from Pakistani Taliban. But the problem is like US alleges Pakistan for harboring Taliban of Afghanistan, Pakistan levels the same allegation on USA for Pakistani Taliban..Strange??