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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Does the North need to be saved from the Soviets?

Recent full scale military exercises in Northern Canada has shown how well our troops and equipment preform in even the most harsh of terrains.

As each exercise costs millions in set up and delivery those funds are directly taken away from overseas operations and training schedules.

I would suggest its time to understand that the resources in the North need protection but the threat to the world and to stability is not a Chinese land invasion of Yellowknife.  Everything from Canadian mining interests in West Africa to the stability of Southern Sudan and Kenya is far more important than a month long exercise to wave the flag.   Countries like Mali are on the brink and are following a similar path that allowed Afghanistan to fall into the hands of the Taliban in 1994.  Now as then we have a choice.
Harper talks with Natynczyk while standing on an iceberg in Allen Bay in Resolute

Fight the invisible Soviets crossing the arctic or fight Muslim extremists killing innocents and destabilizing entire regions?

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