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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Canadian Forces’ Casualty Statistics (Afghanistan)

Canadian Forces’ Casualty Statistics (Afghanistan)

FS 11.001 - January 12, 2011
The following table is a summary of the Canadian Forces’ Non-Battle Injuries, Wounded in Action, Deaths and Killed in Action (KIA) statistics sustained in Afghanistan from the beginning of the mission in April 2002 to 31 December 2010:
YearNon-Battle InjuriesWounded In ActionDeaths
(those not KIA)
Killed In Action
Total1, 24461518136
Wounded in Action statistics include injuries of military personnel directly attributable to combat action that required medical/dental intervention.  It includes:
  • injuries from IEDs, mines, rocket attacks, and direct combat with an enemy force or terrorist element;
  • personnel injured in friendly fire incidents related to combat action; and
  • acute psychological trauma directly attributable to combat action that required medical intervention.
It does not include traffic accidents, accidental discharges of a weapon, and other accidental injuries not related to combat action. 
Non-Battle Injuries statistics include those injured as a result of traffic accidents, the accidental discharge of a weapon, and any other accidental injuries not related to combat.  It also includes those members reported ill, repatriated for compassionate reasons, repatriated for medical reasons, or returned to duty after being assessed by a medical officer.
These statistics are produced on an annual basis to inform the public on casualties sustained by Canadian Forces personnel in Afghanistan. Due to operational security concerns, the statistics are updated on an annual basis according to calendar year.

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