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Monday, August 8, 2011

As people starve to death... America fights over its twinkie budget

As people starve to death..... America fights over its Twinkie budget.
United Nations FAO says the average American consumes 3770 calories.

42.5 gram cake contains 150 calories
Technically, a famine is more than 30 per cent of children suffering from acute malnutrition, two adults or four children dying of hunger each day for every group of 10,000 people and the population having below 1,500 calories of food per day (2,100 calories are the daily recommended amount).  
A and W prime Rib burger 260 grams and 800 calories

Obesity map. For data, see PowerPoint or PDF linked above.
Obesity percentage rates

During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States and rates remain high. In 2010, no state had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. Thirty-six states had a prevalence of 25% or more; 12 of these states (Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia) had a prevalence of 30% or more.

2010 State Obesity Rates
Alabama32.2Illinois28.2Montana23.0Rhode Island25.5
Alaska24.5Indiana29.6Nebraska26.9South Carolina31.5
Arizona24.3Iowa28.4Nevada22.4South Dakota27.3
Arkansas30.1Kansas29.4New Hampshire25.0Tennessee30.8
California24.0Kentucky31.3New Jersey23.8Texas31.0
Colorado21.0Louisiana31.0New Mexico25.1Utah22.5
Connecticut22.5Maine26.8New York23.9Vermont23.2
Delaware28.0Maryland27.1North Carolina27.8Virginia26.0
District of Columbia22.2Massachusetts23.0North Dakota27.2Washington25.5
Florida26.6Michigan30.9Ohio29.2West Virginia32.5

The BBC's Will Ross reports from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on the consignment of aid to Mogadishu... BBC 
The UN refugee agency has flown aid to famine victims in Somalia's capital - its first airlift to war-torn Mogadishu for five years.
Some 100,000 people have arrived in the city in the last two months in search of food.
Insecurity makes it difficult for aid agencies to distribute materials.
The Islamist al-Shabab group was reported to have pulled out of the city on Saturday but its fighters can still be seen patrolling some areas.
While the government has been celebrating what it called its "victory" over al-Shabab, BBC East Africa correspondent Will Ross says few people expect Mogadishu to be peaceful.
For the aid agencies, the city remains an environment full of challenges, he says.

Last week, one of the large camps for displaced people was attacked by pro-government militiamen who stole all the food.
Many people are still too scared to return to that camp and remain scattered across Mogadishu.
The 31-tonne UNHCR consignment - including plastic sheeting for shelters, blankets and sleeping mats - landed at Mogadishu airport on Monday afternoon.
The UNHCR said it usually ships its relief items to Mogadishu by sea and by land but because to the unprecedented rise in the number of people arriving in Mogadishu, it had decided to airlift supplies in order to save time.
There are now a total of five famine zones in Somalia - where the UN says 3.2 million people - almost half the population - are in need of immediate life-saving assistance.
More than 11 million people across the Horn of Africa have been affected by drought - the region's worst for 60 years.
The US has announced it is giving another $105m (£64m) in to help to the drought-hit areas.
The announcement coincided with a visit by the wife of US Vice President Joe Biden to Kenya's Daadab refugee camp where tens of thousands of Somalis have come for assistance.
Jill Biden said the aim of her visit was to raise awareness and convince donors to give more, AP news agency reports.
"There is hope if people start to pay attention to this," she said.
In south-eastern Ethiopia, the UN refugee agency has said it is concerned about the plight of refugees in the Dollo Ado camps following an outbreak of suspected measles.
The mix of measles and high levels of malnutrition can be fatal, the UNHCR says.
Moses Okello, UNHCR's representative in Ethiopia, said it was a priority to organise a mass vaccination campaign.

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