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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Women in combat in Afghanistan

Marine as part of the Female Engagement Team in Afghanistan
Female Engagement Teams (mainly US marines but some work under the Green Beret banner) are working in Afghanistan on local matters that engage 50% of the population.

The real question is it better to show Afghans and Afghan women that we separate our women into separate units to help them with their issues or should we do as Canada and other countries do and have them completely integrated into combat arms units?

Do we change who we are as a modern open and tolerant society to only show Afghans and others that our culture has to change to fit their model?

Or is this the better option?
We in the west have to make a decision as miltarys from around the world suffer budget cuts and troops strength draw downs...

Who do we want to serve?

Do we want capable, fit, intelligent people.....   or do we cut 50% off the top and say they cant fight because of some bizarre 14th century idea?

As America debates the idea of women in combat even though in the ideas of total war there is no more front lines.... we will see if they decide to join the other nations that accept only the best and brightest... no matter who you sleep with and no matter if your male or female.

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