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Friday, January 14, 2011

Afghanistan Medals and Awards

Current Canadian General Campaign Star with rotational clasp
Canadian Afghanistan Medals
South West Asia Service Medal with Afghanistan clasp (Operation Enduring Freedom), the General Campaign Star International Security Afghanistan  Force clasp also with Allied Force (Kosovo campaign) clasp,  the General Service Medal with ISAF clasp (for service in support of ISAF without contact with the enemy) and Allied Force clasp (Kosovo campaign without contact with the enemy)

OSM with clasp Afghanistan
Current British Afghanistan Operational Service Medal with Afghanistan clasp...
(those who serve the mission outside  the country Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, or Pakistan receive the medal without the clasp)
Current British/ Australian and NATO country issue NATO medal with ISAF clasp

British Army medals... (1878 to 1880 Afghanistan Medal with Kandahar clasp and Kabul clasp) Kabul to Kandahar Star given to those that did the horrible walk from Kabul to Kandahar in 1880

Heart of the Lion Medal (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)

General Masood medal afghanistan medals
(Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
Afgahnsiatn Freedom Medal (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
current Dutch Afghanistan medal with ISAF clasp and NATO medal with ISAF clasp
Global War on Terrorism Medal (Expeditionary) Front
current Global War on Terrorism Medal
The New Zealand General Service Medal 2002 (Afghanistan) obverse view
current New Zealand General Service medal for Afghanistan
Afghanistan Medal (Australia) medal.png
Current Australian Medal for Afghanistan service
People Democratic Republic Afghanistan Medal for Valour (1980's)

Soviet Medal Order Award for Afghanistan

Medal for the 10th Anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan

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