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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy is as Crazy does and Proof that there is no spoon...

So the reason I am posting this on my blog is to showcase that there is a need to look at other controlled demolitions and compare them to the World Trade Centre collapse and the collapse of World Trade Centre 7.

there is no evidence... no conspiracy evidence...

Listen to the noise...
The flashes..... of the explosion

Notice the cuts made in the structure of the cooling tower to weaken it.

Watch the flashes and listen to the explosions

Now lets compare the WTC to these....
Where is the explosions where is the access to the structural elements that is necessary to have a controlled 

Watch the WTC7 collapse
notice the penthouse collapse and on the left side the windows shatter at different floors.
WTC 7 on fire and damaged before collapsing (red building in the centre)
Molten metal at the corner of the WTC2
V1vJQ8&feature=related (annoying footage)

WTC collapse footage

In these videos you see people looking up at the fire and them reacting to the collapse sound as a loud roar... no syncornized explosions.
They watch very large fires...from street level

Proof that pieces of building, body parts and office debris were found and not just pulvierized as a truther would have you think...

Don't forget the victims in the buildings and on the airplanes.....

Penn and Tellerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcrF346sS_I
We should ask skeptics to looks at the evidence and look coldly... not simply say I hate the government, I hate bush, I'm a liberal, I'm a conservative, I'm a libertarion so it all must be false, it all must be fake.....
Wait there is more.....micro nuclear weapons, spaced based weapons, Israeli agents, reptilian space aliens taking over for the new world order and UN invasion of the United States....
Crazy is as Crazy does

So lets put it simply as I can.

No controlled demolition.
No conspiracy on the US to kill its own citizens.
No aliens taking over the world using the 911 attacks or creating the 911 attacks.
No Israeli agents doing this attack to promote a hatred of muslims.
No to the CIA or rouge elements doing these attacks.
No to bilderburgs people doing the attacks (although they may have had prior knowledge of the terrorist threat and made money off it)
Focus on the reality and that is that the Bush government probably did not know of the attacks because they put their heads in the sand...... (as Ashcroft says). 
Once the attack happened they then used the attack to justify a war on Iraq....
The Connection: How al Qaeda's Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America

Wolfowitz and Cheney believed this article in the Weekly Standard
 "Vice President Cheney . . . in an interview this month with the Rocky Mountain News, recommended as the 'best source of information' an article in The Weekly Standard magazine detailing a relationship between Hussein and al Qaeda based on leaked classified information."...  the article was written by Stephen F Hayes

Instead they used the old Clinton plan on Afghanistan and it was a success until (as usual) the bush admin and the Pentagon took their eyes off the ball and did not put the resources needed to help the people of Afghan or the capture of bin laden... thats the real shame of it all.

They then created a war based on cherry picked information and used Colin Powell as their tool to sell it.

So no controlled demolition it happened as we saw it no nazi holograms, no media jewish conspiracy..... you ask me to seek the truth and I have... 
Proof that there is no spoon...

I find the truth movement false and disingenuous.


  1. Mr Franklin:

    You are so funny!

    You conclude with: "So no controlled demolition it happened as we saw it ..." But ... what we saw WAS controlled demolition.

    Your second picture (taken by NYPD and released by NIST in February 2010 only because of an ABC News Freedom of Information Request 9 years after 9/11) contradicts the official story. The popular story had all the material falling down within the perimiter columns hitting one floor after another ... after another ... after another collapsing all the floors down into the basement as the weight overwhelms the supporting structure.

    But if you look at the picture you see that the debris is clearly being exploded out uniformly in all directions. Note the arching trajectories of the exploding debris with FOUR TON perimiter columns being ejected at 50 miles per hour so they travel over 600 feet. Simple 7th grade physics.

    This is a highly energetic demolition of the South Tower ... it is not a gravitatinal collapse.

    Mr. Franklin: you need to change your conclusion ... or get rid of the incriminating picture that contradicts your fantasy of a gravitaional collapse. The later is what NIST did and you seem to like their version of science.

  2. Any picture taken that day will stand up to scrutiny...
    The building was unique structure... planes hit the building, causing fires, that caused the floor tress "brackets" to fail.
    The floors then collapsed on each other.
    The explosion outward comes from the most powerful force in the universe.... gravity.

    Thousands of tons of concrete, steel and aluminum pushing straight down... the walls not able to support the floors... also pushing down.
    Where were the walls the steel structure to go?
    But go sideways away from the collapse.

    Go make a pile of sand in a lake or any still body of water
    then using your foot push down (i.e. like gravity)... what happens... it looks just like the collapse.

    To see a report on the failure of the welded floors one just has to go to this site:

    To have a controlled demolition one would need.... detonator remains, remains of det cord, tape used to attach the explosives to the columns... remenats of shape charges to do the cutting, a government that is willing to commit treason, agents to be protected from federal prosecution, emails trail, paper trail, examples of planning and finally the execution.

    All that is missing... so therefore the simplest theory is the most likely...
    Smells like a rose and pricks like a rose its probably a rose...