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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I go to places like Afghanistan to fight hatred and fascism.

I go to places like Afghanistan to fight hatred and fascism.
I have met kids with fingers cut off for flying kits, girls brunt with acid for simply going to school.
Pakistani Taliban fighters under the command of Qari Hussain Mehsud stand alongside kidnapped Polish geologist Piotr Stanczak minutes before he was beheaded. Reuters photo
A woman who was seen walking down the street had her nose cut off.  I have given polio shots to one of the last places on earth that polio exists,
Omar Khadr with severed hands
I have worked side by side with ANA and ANP and UK and US and Dutch soldiers and we didn't kill any kids and we didn't kill any civilians.

The Afghan people are human and simply want to live their lives and not be subjected to hatred and intolerance.

Woman executed
I am willing to give up my life for that cause.  I don't fight for GW Bush or Chretien I go to war with simple rule of engagement (protect yourself) then every decision you make is your own.  We don't go to war for some petro company we go to war so that my son and a kid in Afghanistan can have the same chances in life.

Woman whipped
If the Taliban want to come back fine let them but the people of Afghanistan wont tolerate being used and abused anymore.  The people of Afghan are better and smarter than that.
Women whipped for being outside during prayers

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  1. I fight hatred and fascism at home. Here, they have been advancing rapidly and viciously for five long years, out of control, at a much faster rate of decay in Canada than the rate of repair over there.