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Monday, April 11, 2011

Soldier: Stop complaining

This is a letter to the editors of the Dispatch (Davidson County's News Source)

Soldier: Stop complaining

Published: Monday, April 11, 2011 at 4:12 p.m. 

Editor: I am but a lowly member of your armed forces writing to give a quick thanks to the folks who regularly write letters to your paper. Without the weekend philosopher, economist, theologian, eschatologist, apologist, unemployed, wealthy and offensively ignorant writers having letters published weekly, I might not see how similar those launching rockets at me weekly are to those taking my country for granted daily.

Don’t misinterpret my words as calling you my enemy, friends. However, if you were my enemy, I hope you know that you would be loved by me as a friend. I would serve you at my restaurant. I would welcome you to the building where I worship my God. I would give you the things you need, though car payments fail to fall under the category of “need” in my book.

Are you having problems finding employment? Many are; just keep searching and be willing to perform any legal task within your true physical and mental abilities to gain earned income. You will feel better about yourself, I assure you. For those blessed with a wealth of income, don’t wait for your government to take your earnings from you. Help out those you can. At least you will be deciding where your money goes.

Perhaps, though I know this is difficult for most, take accountability for your actions. If you feel like you gave an idiot power over you, then give someone else that power. Even better, realize what power you have with any combination of those legs, those arms and that mind. Vote for a lawmaker and realize the people are the power.

An imbalanced engine will not operate efficiently or very long before needing to be overhauled. Oftentimes it will overheat leading to its demise. Trust me, being the owner of a 1974 VW bus, I know.

It seems cliche, but people need to be working together as much as they need to just be working. Behaving like an idiot will do no good for yourself or your country. I love my America, and I love her potential. However, the underwhelming pride and attention you give to the men and women I see loaded on aircraft in flag-draped boxes every other day can be seen in your work ethic, your hatred for one another and your inability to recognize how beautiful every day is.

Please, for the sake of me, many others like me and yourselves, stop complaining. Stop hating. Start working. Most importantly, start loving one another. Perhaps turn off your television today and begin by telling those closest to you how much you love them. Movement sometimes requires a subtle start.

Movements require many collective subtle starts.

With love to America and her people.

Michael Scoggin

Kandahar, Afghanistan


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  1. Well said by this soldier ... and probably the thoughts of many ...