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Monday, September 12, 2011

As to Libya...

As to Libya

" Libyans did nothing to us, they were happy, and now our tax dollar is dismantling their country over corporate greed and global domination. "

Lets ask Libyan.....

"Most of the Libyans feel a sense of freedom from the dictator rule but are also very poignant about a political, social and economic progress, which needs a strong leadership, and such situation to prevail is yet to be a reality.
The basic outlook of Libya needs a lot of help, luck and wise leadership. Though the global concern has given the necessary help the other two are to be gained only through good administration. "

So is it better with secret rendition flights to Libyan prisons organized by Bush and Blair or is simple freedom better?

Its funny how the left wants no interference in a countries state even if it means freedom for the people and prevention of genocide and yet the far right is calling for the same thing but this time under the specter of "who are the rebels... most likely al qeada."  Even though the intelligence is that the Libyans come from all walks of life and represent almost all groups.
Gulf of Sirt Front.svg

Tripolitanian Front.svg
  Cities under National Transitional Council control     
  Cities under Muammar Gaddafi's control
  Ongoing fighting
Freedom is necessary for all peoples of the world... it is literally that simple.

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