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Sunday, January 1, 2012

What will 2012 give us?

Continued Arab Spring (Egypt the people will not be stopped)
Syria (the ideas of freedom have spread)


Yemen (as old as the hills but yet the hills have eyes)

Iran will flex its muscles in a weight class way above themselves  
(Iranian Navy Flying boats to counter the US carrier threat)
Pakistan will continue its dangerous game, and in the end will stick a finger up at the world.

Afghanistan will stay the same unless Pakistan can be controlled 

North Korea will do crazy things and then China will pull them back

In Russia Putin will hang onto power in almost any means necessary

Russian Television will report that America still sucks

Commodity prices will continue to rise and average Africans will see no benefits

The republicans if sane will pick Romney and he will turn out to be the next Kerry

Ron Paul will run as an Independent with Trump as VP and the world will laugh and cry at the same time

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