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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Omar Khadar is back

Much has been said about the Canadian boy and now man that is Omar Khadar.

An al qeada fighter whose dad was one of the key financiers of Bin Laden and crew.   Many claim that at 14 he was a child soldier...  His actions led to the death of an American special forces medic to which he plead guilty and now is serving time in Kingston.

The American actions after his capture include medical aid, rehabilitation and mistreatment, abuse and even torture at Bagram and then at GITMO.

We should begin to ask questions.... can a child be held responsible for their actions?
Omar Khadar (then)

Is 14 a Child?

Omar Khadar assembling an IED
Can you be punished for your acts in war or is this just for the winners to decide?

Omar Khadar gravely wounded in the rubble of a building after the American SF attack  and just before the soldiers started battlefield medicine which would save his life, his limbs and allow him to be placed into custody

 And the last and most important question ..... what will become of Omar Khadar?

Omar Khadar (now)

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