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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Canadian uniforms are ever changing some may even suggest its fashion.

Current JTF2 and Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) uniform
Canadian soldiers have been using a combination of styles of uniforms that range from American, RCMP, NWMP, Red Coats, Scottish and even modern uniforms like CADPAT that other countries are adopting.  As the missions change and as each war is unique so is the ever changing Canadian Forces uniform.  New equipment and uniforms are on the planning books and in the storehouses awaiting development and distribution.  We have come along way....
Early Canadian uniforms
Canadian militia in Riel Rebellion

Boer War 
Canadian uniform World War 1

Canadian Army World War 2 
Korea War
Pararescue Jumper (SAR TECH)
Canadian uniform in Oka
Canadian Forces Peacekeeping (Eritrea)
Canadian Airforce door gunner
Canadian Navy boarding party
CADPAT in action

CADPAT arid in action Afghanistan
Canadian Airforce

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