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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The death of the Three Block war?

There has been talk that the death of the Three block war and the newer construct called the "whole-of-government" approach also called 3D+C (Diplomacy, Development, Defence and Commerce). 
The scene depicts current and near future anti-insurgent operations in Iraq.

"In 2005, Hillier modified the activities. He put "fighting" in block one, "helping secure, stabilize and nation build" in block two, and, most ambitiously, "helping people through disaster relief, humanitarian assistance and  peacekeeping" in block three. Later, Hillier substituted "warfighting" with "war," suggesting the combat element is sustained."

"Personnel cannot and should not be expected to serve as humanitarian workers, peacekeepers, and warfighters all at the same time, and within a small area. Combat should be separated as much as possible from other functions, which should, preferably, be done by distinct organizations, including UN agencies, police, and peacekeepers. The concept's lack of a firm intellectual foundation is also challenging, but not so much as the contradiction at its heart – warfighting cannot mix with peace support and other missions. The Three Block War exacerbates this problem by making it look tidy, simple, and easy. The result is that military forces may all-to-easily be sent to fight an unwinnable Three Block War. Instead of embracing Three Block War operations, militaries should try to avoid them."

THE RISE AND DEMISE OF THE “THREE BLOCK WAR”  by Doctor A. Walter Dorn and Michael Varey    http://www.journal.forces.gc.ca/vol10/no1/07-dornvarey-eng.asWhile the experiences in Afghanistan has showcased that the original 3 D approach (also called the three block war) was flawed in concept it could also be argued that the enemy has changed the paridigm.  The Afghan war is untypical in scope and practise as it has become a global effort for both the enemy and the allies.  But what war is typical and that truly is the challenge all war thinkers face as we look to the future.

The future may be completely different and uncomfortable.
UN helicopter
A new UN force?  MI  35 (Hind) Gunship in the Congo
Is there a place for an updated UN force that has clear rules of engagement that we use in places like Afghanistan?

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