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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Medical equipment in Afghanistan has changed

 Back in Oct 2001 when the first Canadian soldiers got involved in the Afghanistan operation we wore green in the desert and even had our red cross worn prominently on our left arm.

The flak vests had removable collars and annoying shoulder pads.  We took those off as well.  The desert boots were good but they were designed off the winter weather boots which is a slight problem in a place where it can get 50 degrees Celsius.

MCpl Franklin (at the time Cpl) in Kabul 2003
Now soldiers have improved flak vests, medics carry pistols (they were reserved for officers before as they are easier to carry while on base).  There are ballistic eye wear, shoulder pads that protect further down and  collars that are no longer removable.  No longer wearing green and no longer with a big red cross target on the same arms.  Tan coloured back packs and boots that are designed for comfort.

Things have changed in the CF
Cpl Marc André Amyotte, a field medic, from Canadian Forces Base Petawawa on foot patrol for Operation Mutay 2011

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