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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Osama is dead (graphic image)

Subtle caption from the New York rag....

Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy SEALs in a daring raid in the dark of night in the military town of Abbottabad on the night of 1 May 2011 (the same day that Hitler killed himself in 1945).  Without releasing pictures of OBL body the conspiracy files have ramped up saying that OBL is really alive and/ or was actually a CIA agent.... or that he died in December 2001. 
There are some ways to verify the events without looking at any OBL pics.  His eldest son was allegedly killed in the raid and the body show below showcases very similar familiar traits.

Look at the thin frame of OBL.
Long nose.
Thin but long eye brows.
Prominent lips.

Two images that showcase Osama bin Laden face and slight thin frame
Younger Osama bin Laden for comparrsion

 Now the picture shown below has very similar traits.

Cropped and enlarged picture of eldest bin Laden son in Abbottabad?
Long nose.
Thin but long eye brows.
Prominent lips.
One can't confirm identity just using pictures but it defiantly showcases a very similar facial features.
Now could this be called proof?

Body of alleged Osama bin Laden's son in Abbottabad (original photo)

Omar bin Laden (note the long nose and thin eye brows)

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