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Thursday, October 13, 2011

it was about Oil.... oh and Freedom

Leave it John Baird to say it as it is... we want the contracts that come when the fight is over.   As people still die in fighting Gadaffi forces maybe this is not the right time to say such things.... but then he is being honest.   

"What does $60 million in military intervention and $10 million in foreign aid get you these days?

If you're Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird you're hoping it gets you a lot of opportunities for Canadian businesses in Libya.
The Globe and Mail reported Baird recently flew to Tripoli, along with executives from Montreal engineering giant SNC-Lavalin, Alberta oil giant Suncor and Calgary-based pipeline-technology firm Pure Technologies, to drum up some business.
John Baird in Libya
"Libya's interim government, still struggling to control and secure the country, wants foreign companies to rush back to get the economy rolling," wrote Campbell Clark of the Globe.
"Canada, like other nations, wants its firms to get business. And Mr. Baird has the calling card of a staunch ally (of the new government) to use in efforts to smooth the resumption of business and exchanges with Libya."
Other countries are also jostling for position to reap the benefits of lucrative Libyan government contracts which could include everything from ministry rebuilding and infrastructure repair to oil contracts and arms purchases.
Campbell notes Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger was there on the weekend with executives from the oil firm OMV and Germany's economy minister, Philipp Roesler, arrives with business leaders on Wednesday.
Canada's contribution to the NATO mission in Libya has been significant.
If you don't believe that, just ask the Harper government.
The Globe quoted Baird telling Libyan officials Canadian fighters conducted 10 per cent of all NATO sorties in the mission that began in March.
Canada also deployed a frigate to patrol off the Libyan coast and enforce an arms embargo, while a Canadian officer Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard has been overseeing the NATO mission from Italy.
Last month, Libya's charge d'affairs to Canada, Abubaker Karmos, told CTV News "Canada's commitment will not go unrewarded," suggesting numerous construction contracts will be up for grabs.
Baird and his entourage of business leaders are looking to cash in on Karmos's proposition.
(Reuters Photo)

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