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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why the (FAR) left has got it wrong... again and again

These are quotes from various people in regards to an article in 2006 that was written about the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan.  
I have left out the names for their own anonymity.
I have also included pictures of what its like on the ground.....  the true reality of the situation.

I do find it amazing that on calls for human rights, women's rights, children's rights they simply say that Afghanistan is not worth it... 

I would argue it is.  
I would also put my life out there to make it happen and I did as did 40 000 other Canadians soldiers sailors and aircrew.

Afghanistan: Wrong Mission for Canada
(I left the spelling and grammar as is...)

"There are a lot of people in the military who want it to be all about the killing and the glory. That's why a lot of them joined up in the first place."

"Whether or not the war is "right" or "just" makes no difference. If the guys in charge say you attack someone, you attack that person. You patrol. You get shot at. You die. You swore an oath.                         It is not a kids game when you join the Canadian Military... or any other military.

Some look a being in the services as another form of welfare. An "relatively easy" way, in Canada, to do your 20 or 25 years and get a pension. You even learn a trade if you want."
"So, it is time to get real!   Soldiers are pawns that generals (or should I say governments) can send to certain death!"

CF soldier/ Afghan terp and ANA commander doing operations
Say cheese
Fighting when we have to and doing better than most
Talking with the locals
Afghan police stand beside the body of a fallen comrade after several armed Taliban militants launched attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, 13 September 2011.  EPA/S. SABAWOON
Afghan police stand beside the body of a fallen comrade after several armed Taliban militants launched attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, 13 September 2011. EPA/S. SABAWOON
  "The Taliban may not have been the greatest government, but they were a functioning government."
Highway of Hereos
Joint ANA/ CF operations
Wounded Canadian soldier being helped on board a US Medivac Helicopter (US PJ following)
Working directly with the ANA

Handing out school supplies
Locals wounded by the Taliban IED attacks

"I am unaware of any unique Canada-Aghanistan relationship, or strategic interest that justifies this slaugher of Canadian soldiers."
"And I don't blame our young soldiers. (Been there, done that.) They're like guard dogs you train and keep on a leash. Loyal to their pack master and, outside of their killing expertise, about as deep in their understanding of the world as a saucer of water. It's their owner who has the responsibility to know when and when it is not appropriate to let them off the leash."

"Mark my words:   100% casualties.'
"For me at least the essential issue is; does Canada's involvement mean that there is a better chance young afghans will be able to go to school one day and make there own choice about their lives? I too have questions about how achievable this is but to not try guarantees it can't be achieved. I believe that we can help that post medieval society but that there will be a cost."

"As for Afghanistan, we're going to lose because we don't have the means of winning. We probably need 100,000 troops. We need to expand the war. Turn on the corrupt Northern Alliance. Overwhelmn the Taliban. Buy a window of peace to build infrastructure and a functioning economy where Afghans don't need or wish to grow opium because they can make more money doing something else."
"The war will drag on until the profits have all been made and the American dollar has been buttressed, then everybody'll just come home--seven or eight hundred Canadians in body bags--and Ignatieff, who'll be Prime Minister by then, will just get on with his work of handing Canada over to the United States and Canadians will wonder: What happened?"

"In a word 'NO'. Canada's involvement - in a military way - will in fact make the prospects for Afghan students and children less, not more, positive.

There are all kinds of other positive things we can do with and for Afghans - now and in the future. We shouldn't be wasting our time, money and personnel on this lost cause."
"We will simply be there for a few years throwing young men and women into their graves in the aid of a cause our leaders. Our reasons for going to war there will be forgotten by those who we are trying to please, and with the expection of a few Afghanis whose lives may have been spared by Canadian soldiers, our legacy in that country will be moot."

"The war, however, is futile and useless. No foreign power has ever managed to install a government of its choice in a country that is largely, and always has been, lawless."

"We need them at home, perhaps even forming an armed "Marines" unit, or Ranger force, to defend our north,, and back up a sea presence there against the US who is challenging our sovereignty in the area. And then we need to be stationing our forces along the 49th, to guard against the dangers that might emerge there, if, whenever and as we finally find the cojones to assert our own territorial, economic and political sovereignty over the Manifest Destiny ambitions of the US Empire."
"I am sure if Afghanistan is left alone it will evolve a government at least as benign as the one the has evolved in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.  I think our soldiers should be at home guarding our schools. Censorship should firmly applied, preventing the media from wallowing in sensationalism that promotes copy-cats to shoot up schools on an almost weekly basis."

"I don't think it's that much of a tragedy when a soldier dies - or a policeman."

"There is now serious speculation in the US that the Nato allies are in serious danger of, or may already have ceded effective territorial control of the south to the Taliban."

"Fuk the Amerikans. Leave them to their well deserved fate.
Besides, if they majorly get their asses kicked over there, it might make them easier and less threatening to live with over here."
so pretty soon the Yanks are going to have to import some illegal Mexicans to Afghanistan with new uniforms and the word, "enemy" patched on, or else nobody'll be able to figure out who the bad guys are supposed to be...so they're gonna be in big trouble trying to keep the war pots simmering for the opium trade money launderers, global banking lizards and arms merchants who are really counting on these wars to finance their country estates in England and such like that, eh.
False flag city, or what! That'd be a good name for Kabul."

"The President of the Great Satan is the so-called Head of State the Criminal George Bush. Did you know that the word "head" is also used in some militarist circles to mean toilet? Further proof that the Military Industrial Complex has no respect for their so call "Head" of State when they use the say word 
for a toilet: do they think we are fools?!?"
  "The best thing we can do is stay the fuk out of their affairs, even though there will always be those on       the losing side who may plead with us to help them. All those swollen bodies, and women and children,    of course, which are ever there in every conflict, even the ones we initiate and fight."
"Better you keep your forces at home, send them aid and advisers through the NGOs, if they want them, or encourage and discourage undesirable actions in other ways; trade sanctions, boycotts, and restrictions on what you will and will not trade. It's the clearest signal you can send that your intentions are anything but imperialist."

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