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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

9/11 and Occam's Razor

We don't assume that the simpler theory is correct and the more complex one false. We know from experience that more often than not the theory that requires more complicated machinations is wrong. Until proved otherwise, the more complex theory competing with a simpler explanation should be put on the back burner, but not thrown onto the trash heap of history until proven false.
Principle of Occam's Razor
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed captured in Pakistan by ISI and CIA agents March 2002
Truthers and Skeptics need to look at facts as they are and not what they wish them to be.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) was secretly indicted on terrorism charges in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in January 1996 for his alleged involvement in Operation Bojinka, and was subsequently placed on the October 10, 2001, initial list of the FBI's twenty-two Most Wanted Terrorists.  

By the time the Operation Bojinka plot was discovered, Mohammed was already safely in Qatar, back at his job as a project engineer at the country's Ministry of Electricity and Water. He traveled in 1995 to Sudan, Yemen, Malaysia, and Brazil to visit elements of the worldwide jihadist community, although no evidence connects him to specific terrorist actions in any of those locations. On his trip to Sudan he attempted to meet with Osama bin Laden, who was at the time living there with the aid of Sudanese political leader Hassan al Turabi. After a request to arrest Mohammed came to the Qatari government from the United States in January 1996, Mohammed fled to Afghanistan, where he renewed his relationship with Abdul Rasul Sayyaf and formed a working relationship with the newly migrated bin Laden later that year. "According to KSM, this was the first time he had seen bin Laden since 1989. Although they had fought together [in Afghanistan] in 1987, bin Laden and KSM did not yet enjoy an especially close working relationship."  The first hijack plan that Mohammed presented to the leadership of al-Qaeda called for several airplanes on both east and west coasts to be hijacked and flown into targets. His plan evolved from an earlier foiled plot known as Operation Bojinka, Bin Laden rejected some potential targets suggested by Mohammed, such as the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles.
In late 1998 or early 1999, bin Laden gave approval for Mohammed to go forward with organizing the 9/11 plot.  A series of meetings occurred in spring of 1999, involving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Osama bin Laden, and his military chief Mohammed Atef.   Bin Laden provided leadership for the plot, along with financial support.  Bin Laden was also involved in selecting people to participate in the plot, including choosing Mohamed Atta as the lead hijacker. KSM provided operational support, such as selecting targets and helping arrange travel for the hijackers. After Atta was chosen as the leader of the mission, "he met with Bin Laden to discuss the targets: the World Trade Center, which represented the U.S. economy; the Pentagon, a symbol of the U.S. military; and the U.S. Capitol, the perceived source of U.S. policy in support of Israel. The White House was also on the list, as Bin Laden considered it a political symbol and wanted to attack it as well.""Bin Laden had been pressuring KSM (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) for months to advance the attack date. 

9/11 Twin Towers CNN news coverage September 11
According to KSM, bin Laden had even asked that the attacks occur as early as mid-2000, after Israeli opposition party leader Ariel Sharon caused an outcry in the Middle East by visiting a sensitive and contested holy site in Jerusalem that is sacred to both Muslims and Jews.  Although bin Laden recognized that Atta and the other pilots had only just arrived in the United States to begin their flight training, the al-Qaida leader wanted to punish the United States for supporting Israel.

He allegedly told KSM it would be sufficient simply to down the planes and not hit specific targets.  KSM withstood this pressure, arguing that the operation would not be successful unless the pilots were fully trained and the hijacking teams were larger."  In a 2002 interview with Al Jazeera journalist Yosri Fouda, Mohammed admitted his involvement, along with Ramzi Binalshibh, in the "Holy Tuesday operation".  KSM, however, disputes this claim via his Personal Representative: "I never stated to the Al Jazeera reporter that I was the head of the al Qaida military committee." 
In March 2007, Reuters reported that KSM confessed to playing a role in the 9/11 terror attacks during a secret hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. "I was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z,"  KSM said in a statement read Saturday during a Combatant Status Review Tribunal at the Guantanamo Bay . His confession was read by a member of the U.S. military who is serving as his personal representative. He further described his actions and motivations in a composition publicly released in 2009 known as The Islamic Response to the Government’s Nine Accusations.
Richard Reid
al Queda operative Richard Reid

"(KSM) Mohammed had sent al-Qaeda operative Richard Reid on a mission to bomb an airline.  Jabarah also indicated that both he and Reid reported to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.   On December 21, 2001, Reid attempted to board a flight from Paris, France to Miami, Florida, but his boarding was delayed because his disheveled physical appearance aroused the suspicions of the airline passenger screeners.  Reid also did not answer all of their questions, and had not checked any luggage for the transatlantic flight.  Additional screening by the French National Police resulted in Reid's being re-issued a ticket for a flight on the following day.  

He returned to the Paris airport on December 22, 2001, and he boarded American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami, wearing his special shoes packed with plastic explosives in their hollowed-out bottoms. "   

Mohammed Mansour Jabarah 
Taliban and al Queda
Osama bin Laden
In 1996, bin Laden moved to Afghanistan from Sudan. He came without invitation, and sometimes irritated Mullah Omar with his declaration of war and fatwas against citizens of third-party countries, but relations between the two groups improved over time, to the point that Mullah Omar rebuffed his group's patron Saudi Arabia, insulting Saudi minister Prince Turki while reneging on an earlier promise to turn bin Laden over to the Saudis.
Bin Laden was able to forge an alliance between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The Al Qaeda-trained 055 Brigade integrated with the Taliban army between 1997 and 2001. Several hundred Arab Afghan fighters sent by bin Laden assisted the Taliban in the Mazar-e-Sharif slaughter. The so-called Brigade 055 was also responsible for massacres against civilians in other parts of Afghanistan. From 1996 to 2001 the organization of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri had become a virtual state within the Taliban state. Taliban-Al-Qaeda connections were also strengthened by the reported marriage of one of bin Laden's sons to Omar's daughter. While in Afghanistan, bin Laden may have helped finance the Taliban.
After the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, bin Laden and several Al-Qaeda members were indicted in U.S. criminal court. The Taliban rejected extradition requests by the U.S., variously claiming that bin Laden had "gone missing", or that Washington "cannot provide any evidence or any proof" that bin Laden is involved in terrorist activities and that "without any evidence, bin Laden is a man without sin... he is a free man."  
Evidence against bin Laden included courtroom testimony and satellite phone records. Bin Laden in turn, praised the Taliban as the "only Islamic government" in existence, and lauded Mullah Omar for his destruction of idols such as the Buddhas of Bamyan

9/11 Truthers march on hallowed ground and ask that we peruse the truth no matter where it leads.  The picture shows WT7 and the damaged south side of the building.  It is showcasing the fires and debris damage that will eventually lead to its collapse.

After seeing the respect that Ramzi Yousef had gained from the World Trade Center 1993 bombings, Mohammed decided to engage more directly in anti-U.S. activities as well. He traveled to the Philippines in 1994 to work with Yousef on Operation Bojinka, a Manila-based plot to destroy twelve commercial airliners flying routes between the United States, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.  
Using airline timetables, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Yousef devised a scheme whereby five men could, in a single day, board 12 flights — two each for three of the men, three each for the other two — assemble and deposit their bombs and exit the planes, leaving timers to ignite the bombs up to several days afterward. By the time the bombs exploded, the men would be far away and far from reasonable suspicion. The math was simple: 12 flights with at least 400 people per flight. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 deaths.  It would be a day of glory for them, calamity for the Americans they supposed would fill the aircraft." 
Terry McDermott "Echoes of '95 Manila Plot" Los Angeles Times
Above is a description of how Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the al Queda leadership planned and executed the 9/11 attacks on the United Sates as well as his involvement in other attacks on the west. 

"When something dramatic and extreme occurs, we seek a dramatic and extreme explanation. That's why conspiracy theories surround Pearl Harbor, JFK, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, end of the Cold War, etc. Those events caused too much of an extreme change to be the result of the simple, stated explanation. Something more must be at work. 9/11 was the most dramatic watershed event in recent history. It's no one's fault that we pursue conspiracy theories- our minds are wired that way. We NEED something so big to have a big explanation.
 It's too much for something simple."  
Matt Hasty, American Soldier
So did several thousand US military, Canadian Military (through NORAD, as the man in charge that day was a CDN Brig General), CIA, NSA, and any other acronym organization, as well as the State Department, stock market analysts, the Israeli government, Israeli Department of Defence, and the list goes on;  did all these groups do this act and not a single person has slipped information about how they did it?  
Or did KSM, his soldiers and with help from bin Laden peruse a fatwa against the US and her allies to its logical and evil conclusion? 
19 al Queda operatives
Is it possible that a small group of terrorists that have given a fatwa (necessary to destroy US civilians and soldiers for the cause), trained a small group of men in a compartmentalized manner. Used their knowledge from such failed attacks like the attempted explosions of jets over the Pacific, or the training exercise which killed one person on a JAL flight, then knowing that American security pre 9/11 looks to international flights and not national ones utilized that fact for their benefits. This then caused a cascade of events that led to the destruction of the world trade centres, WT7 (which was on fire and destroyed not by implosion but by plane debris, falling fuel, falling plane parts and falling building debris), the Pentagon wall in one area, and the destruction of four planes as well as thousands of innocents.
How could thousands of people, hundreds of agencies and several governments be complacent in what amounts to traitor ism and there has been no evidence to prove it happened in the 9/11 truthers way.  
As we can see with the wiki leaks that keeping any secret is impossible given a length of time. 
Did George W Bush know of the attacks before hand?
GW Bush political philopshy has benefited as it gave him an excuse for foreign endeavours and something like the Patriot act but that is not an admission of guilt. Besides he is of limited intelligence and the enemy is of much greater intelligence, we fail when we think the enemy is either stupid or incapable that is when they will strike.  So the easy answer is that yes the American government knew of the fatwa and the attempt by al Qaeda to hijack commercial airliners. The acronym agencies knew of the chance of the attacks and thus prepared exercises that reflected that.  
Does the fact that most American international flights are mainly done by two US airliners...United and American showcase that if there was insider knowledge that certain people could profit from it on the open stock market. The list of ways to know before hand are endless.  Look at the summer of 2001 and see the confusion over Enron, the threat list from terrorists filling the matrix, a new president and administration with policies that see to differentiate from the last one.  The threat from a weapon of mass destruction from the former Soviet Union stockpiles, chemical or biological weapons, or from the perceived threat of a Muslim nuclear device either from Pakistan or Iraq.
The stock analysts also read the tea leaves and saw the chance of an attack and reacted accordingly and thus put a rise in their call ratio.  The truthers would have you believe that because there is money involved that a vast Jewish conspiracy earned millions from 9/11.
On February 23, 1998, bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, a leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, along with three other Islamist leaders, co-signed and issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to kill Americans and their allies where they can, when they can.  Under the banner of the World Islamic Front for Combat Against the Jews and Crusaders, they declared:
[T]he ruling to kill the Americans and their allies—civilians and military—is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem] and the holy mosque [in Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in accordance with the words of Almighty Allah, 'and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together,' and 'fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah'.    
Osama bin Laden
In December 1998, the Director of Central Intelligence Counter terrorist Center reported to the president that al-Qaeda was preparing for attacks in the USA, including the training of personnel to hijack aircraft. U.S. officials called Awlaki an "example of al-Qaeda reach into" the U.S. in 2008 after probes into his ties to the September 11 hijackers. 
"A measure of abnormal long put volume was also examined and seen to be at abnormally high levels in the days leading up to the attacks. Consequently, the paper concludes that there is evidence of unusual option market activity in the days leading up to September 11 that is consistent with investors trading on advance knowledge of the attacks."
Allen M. Poteshman, The Journal of Business

WT7 smoking and dust covered as well as missing a significant portion of its south side.
9/11 truthers ask what caused the collapse of WT7....... it fell down cause it could not stand any longer.

Maybe as we look at what happened we should think and realize that the most obvious answer is the most logical.
"If you look at the whole picture, there must be more to it than meets the eye.  Bush lied about what he did that fateful morning,told several stories which you can find on youtube that contradicts reality.  Cheney had NORAD rules changed 3 months prior to 9/11...WHY?  On Aug 6th Bush was told that OBL was wanting to attack and he tells his aides "OK,you've covered you ass now".  And to my knowledge, the twin towers and WTC 7 are the first and only steel buildings brought down by fire at free fall speeds, and there are many people who claim that there was Thermate/Thermite used to help bring them down and there were plenty of people who heard the explosions.  Also I believe that WTC was "pulled" because of what was inside that building, the Enron records!  And there are lots more to add,but I'm sure you have heard this before..."

John Walker  9/11 skeptic
We are forgetting the world as it is not  the way the that we want the world to be.

OIL in Afghanistan and the OIL pipeline
The Trans Afghan Gas Pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan
Many see big oil as the reason for the 9/11 attacks and the negotiations that UNOCAL had with the Taliban government prior to the 9/ 11 attacks as proof that 9/11 was an inside job.  I personally don't see any construction of any type of pipeline in the area till there is peace in Afghanistan and that will take many years if not decades.  There may be a secondary pipeline agreement that will let the Turkmenistan gas flow through a safer Iran to Pakistan and avoid Afghanistan all together.  The other option is to build a pipeline through the ex Soviet territories but as the war in Georgia proved this is also a route that has its dangers.

The history of the pipeline is not one of GW Bush but of the world banks and UNOCAL (Union Oil Company of California, is a defunct company that was a major petroleum explorer and marketer in the late 19th century, through the 20th century, and into the early 21st century. It was headquartered in El Segundo, California, United States.  On August 10, 2005, UNOCAL merged with Chevron Corporation and became a wholly owned subsidiary. UNOCAL has now ceased operations as an independent company, but continues to conduct many operations as Union Oil Company of California, a Chevron company).  The original project started in March 1995 when an inaugural memorandum of understanding between the governments of Turkmenistan and Pakistan for a pipeline project was signed. In August 1996, the Central Asia Gas Pipeline, Ltd. (CentGas) consortium for construction of a pipeline, led by U.S. oil company UNOCAL, was formed. On 27 October 1997, CentGas was incorporated in formal signing ceremonies in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan by several international oil companies along with the Government of Turkmenistan. In January 1998, the Taliban, selecting CentGas over Argentinian competitor Bridas Corporation, signed an agreement that allowed the proposed project to proceed. In June 1998, Russian Gazprom relinquished its 10% stake in the project. UNOCAL withdrew from the consortium on 8 December 1998.  

After much confusion with the invasion and the new government there has been a new agreement with the Asian Development Bank as the key sponsor.  There is no oil in Afghanistan and if anyone thinks that a pipeline across the southern provinces of Kandahar and Helmend would not be destroyed by the bad guys is deluding oneself. During the Taliban times there was a chance to pay that evil government off but now there is no way, as UNOCAL did attempt prior the attacks of 9/11.
There's been much debate over Karzai's alleged consultant work with UNOCAL. In 2002, when Karzai became the subject of heavy media coverage as one of the front runners to lead Afghanistan, it was reported that he was a former consultant for them.  Spokesmen for both UNOCAL and Karzai have denied any such relationship, although UNOCAL could not speak for all companies involved in the consortium. The original claim that Karzai worked for UNOCAL originates from a 6 December 2001 issue of the French newspaper Le Monde, Barry Lane UNOCAL's manager for public relations states that, "He was never a consultant, never an employee. We've exhaustively searched through all our records." Lane however did say that Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, was a UNOCAL consultant in the mid-1990s.
Afghanistan and the War
GW Bush utilized the end results of the 9/11 attacks to then attack Afghanistan and attempt to capture or kill the al Queda leadership but that plan was designed under Pres Clinton. A Special Forces invasion of Afghanistan was to over throw the Taliban and replace it with Gen Massouds Northern alliance.  We continue to fight in Afghanistan because the war has moved from killing al Queda and it its allies the Taliban to rebuiling the country and ensuring it has stability in a very unstable world.
Click image to close window
General Ahmad Shah Massoud assassinated as part of the 9/ 11 attacks on 9 September 2001

Clinton aides were delighted at the prospect of a successful assassination, with one declaring,“It was like Christmas.”  The attack was aborted on October 12, 1999, when Sharif was overthrown in a military coup by General Pervez Musharraf, who halted the proposed covert operation. 

The Clinton administration and Nawaz Sharif, then prime minister of Pakistan, agreed on a joint covert operation to kill Osama bin Laden in 1999.  The US would supply satellite intelligence, air support and financing, while Pakistan supplied the Pushtun speaking operatives who would penetrate southern Afghanistan and carry out the actual killing.   The Pakistani commando team was up and running and ready to strike by October 1999, the Post reported. One former official told the newspaper, “It was an enterprise. It was proceeding.”
The Clinton administration had to settle for a UN Security Council resolution that demanded the Taliban turn over bin Laden to “appropriate authorities,” but did not require he be handed over to the United States.  US subversion against the Taliban continued in 2000, according to an account published November 2 in the Wall Street Journal, written by Robert McFarlane, former national security adviser in the Reagan administration. McFarlane was hired by two wealthy Chicago commodity speculators, Joseph and James Ritchie, to assist them in recruiting and organizing anti-Taliban guerrillas among Afghan refugees in Pakistan. 

Their principal Afghan contact was Abdul Haq, the former mujaheddin leader who was executed by the Taliban last month after an unsuccessful attempt to spark a revolt in his home province.   McFarlane held meetings with Abdul Haq and other former mujaheddin in the course of the fall and winter of 2000. After the Bush administration took office, McFarlane parlayed his Republican connections into a series of meetings with State Department, Pentagon and even White House officials. All encouraged the preparation of an anti-Taliban military campaign.   During the summer, long before the United States launched air strikes on the Taliban, James Ritchie traveled to Tajikistan with Abdul Haq and Peter Tomsen, who had been the US special envoy to the Afghan opposition during the first Bush administration. There they met with Ahmed Shah Massoud, the leader of the Northern Alliance, with the goal of coordinating their Pakistan-based attacks with the only military force still offering resistance to the Taliban.   Finally, according to McFarlane, Abdul Haq “decided in mid-August to go ahead and launch operations in Afghanistan. He returned to Peshawar, Pakistan, to make final preparations.” 

In other words, this phase of the anti-Taliban war was under way well before September 11."  
Washington Post (October 3, 2001)www.wsws.org
So called truthers need to look at facts and see them as they are and not what they wish it to be.

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