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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

International Day for Persons with Disability

Stephen Hawking (its not just the war vet its others and can effect anyone)
December 3, 2010 
International Day of Persons with a Disability

The annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December was established by the International Year for Disabled Persons in 1981. The Day aims to increase awareness and understanding of disability issues and trends, and to mobilize support for practical action at all levels by, with and for persons with disabilities. The celebration will provide Canmore with an opportunity to come together as a community to support all of its citizens, regardless of ability. The goal of the event is to increase public awareness of the IDPD and its focus as well as highlighting Canmore’s vision of inclusivity.

On the morning of Friday, December 3 elected officials including Mayor Casey and MP Blake Richards, will experience the Town of Canmore with a disability by participating in a Physical Disability Challenge. Upon return to the Civic Centre from 12-2 there will be a Celebration & Information Fair. Mayor Casey will read the proclamation; there will be speeches, entertainment, and an opportunity to network. A light lunch will be provided.
As a provider of services to persons with a disability, you are invited to join in this celebratory day by providing a display about your organization. Let us and others know what you do, where to find you, and how your organization provides assistance and engages volunteers, while you take in all of the fun and festivities of the day.
We want to involve as many varied organizations as possible in this “Information Fair”, so please plan to display your services, invite your clients, family and friends to attend, and spread the word far and wide about this exciting, informative day. Space is limited, so book your display table right away, and plan for an exciting opportunity to engage and inform our community about your organization!

  Wednesday, Dec 1:   7pm  St Michaels Anglican Church  
                    Panel discussion: Attitudes and Teachings of World Faiths towards Persons with Disabilities
                     Hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Majeed Tariq, President
                     Moderated by: Ian Schofield
                     Christian perspective: Paul Carrick, Buddhist perspective: Mary Dumka
                     Jewish perspective: Sari Shernofsky, Islamic perspective: Mohyuddin Mirza
  Friday, Dec 3:    10-12   Physical Disability Challenge  meet at Civic Centre
                                            Blake Richards M.P., Wayne Cao M.L.A., and Ron Casey, Mayor will be teamed
                                             with temporarily disabled town staff and para-athletes to compete around the 
                                             obstacle course that the Town becomes for the disabled.
                              12-2       Celebration & Info Fair   Civic Centre  
                                             Proclamation and speeches, entertainment by Sue Chick Denton, David Roche,
                                             and Paul Franklin, with an opportunity to network and exchange experiences of  
                                             Light lunch will be provided.
                                           The Rights and Politics of being Disabled; screening of the film:

Music Within about a Vietnam Vet who returns with a hearing impairment and   goes on to write the American Disabilities Act.  CCHighSchool-Theatre
                                            Panel discussion: The Right of Inclusion. Linda McKay-Panos, Executive Director of the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre, a representative for
                                            Mary Ann Jablonski, Minister for Seniors and Community Support, 
                                            Wayne Cao M.L.A., David Swann M.L.A., Town of Canmore planning department
                                            and facilities staff and Don Carruthers’ presentation on the Right to Experience
Saturday, Dec 4:   The Power of Sports    The Canmore Collegiate  
                              1-2pm  Gym: Discussion---Positive Impact of Sport and Recreation with:
 Councillor Russell, Paul Franklin, Ian Hipkins, Don Carruthers and Chris Hay.
                              2-4pm  Gym:  An Adaptive Challenge, Experience Life on the Field with a disability.
                                         Race and compete with Mayor Casey, Councillor Russell, the Eagles Hockey team, and para-athletes to raise money for adaptive sports.
7-9:30 pm   The Canmore Collegiate, in the Theatre:

                          Stand Up/ Sit Down Comedy
                                  DAVID ROCHE, international comedian and Canmore’s Amy Trofimuk 
Sunday, Dec 5:   10am  Ralph Connor Memorial United Church
                                DAVID ROCHE will present the sermon at the Sunday Service
For further information or to get involved contact: Robin Slater: rsslater@telusplanet.net  673-3955

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