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Monday, November 1, 2010

Vaccination diplomacy

We often talk of things that don"t mean a lot to people who are suffering from starvation of hunger.
We talk of a kid named Kadahr, we talk of money ill spent by the governments of the world.
We don't often talk about the things that can be done to save millions of lives.
A polio victim can be a son, a daughter, a Priest, a Doctor, a sailor, a businessman, a mother, a father, a suicide bomber, a prime Minister, a President, a saviour, and a King.  These people  only require a small does of vaccinations and within our life we can eradicate polio.  
Its not up to us to judge, its up to us to have the moral authority to do the right thing.
Polio has killed and disabled millions of people over the years.  We (as in the world not just the west) are at the point of polio eradication in our lifetimes if not sooner.  India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan still have polio problems.  Rotary clubs with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have been fighting this disease for years.

Despite what you think of the war in Afghanistan and despite even what you think of Bill Gates this one program can save millions of lives.
Do what you can to support polio eradication. 

Regardless of your opinion of the Federal Government they have annouced $58.5 million in polio eradication (Saudi Arabia has annouced that they will donate $1 million) lets encourage funding in the fighting of this disease. 
Do not forget it happened here.

References on Polio eradication:

Peace One Day: (organizations involved)
African Union, WHO/UNICEF/Ministry of Public Health, UN Foundation / Nothing But Nets, Star Syringe, Pump Aid, Stop Hunger Now, Counterpart International, Merlin, World Vision International, Mines Advisory Group, Friends of the Orphans, Sophia Foundation for Children, Better World Campaign, Cord, The Water Project, Camps International,The Butterfly Tree, Participatory Environment Development Program, International Medical Corps,Urban Poor Child Organisation, JUCONI, PCR Congo, FONELISCO, Christian Alliance Against Aids, Africa Youth Ministries, WhizzKids United, Street Child Africa, B-Gifted Foundation.

www.poliocanada.com  (March of Dimes)
Below is a chart from a government of Canada website that talks of the efforts at polio eradication in the Kandahar province:
Progress Indicator
2011 Target
Quarterly Result
The number of children receiving the polio vaccine during each of the multiple national campaigns conducted annually—multiple vaccinations are required to stop transmission of polio.
In 2007, approximately 27.7 million vaccinations were administered to 7 million children during four national campaigns (2007).
Eradication by vaccination by 2009.
An estimated 390,000 children in both May and June were vaccinated in Kandahar, representing 97% of the targeted children reached in each campaign.
Progress to date: Over 7.2 million children acrossAfghanistan have been vaccinated against polio. Although eradication has not been achieved, the percentage of children reached despite the volatile security situation has steadily increased.

Below is a great article on the ideas of Polio vaccinations and how under this umbrella the Afghan government, UNICEF, the Coalition and even the Taliban are fighting this disease.
ARIANA  (Afghan TV)

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