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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Detainee Issues... Uzbek secret prisons after the Canadian attacks of 11/9

I would like to propose a different scernario and thought exercise.

Imagine a world where Canada was the third poorest nation on earth (think native reserves but across Canada) other nations come here to showcase their political and military might and other nations come to honestly try and help the locals out.  (It all started because Canada harboured terrorists that attacked Uzbekastan)

(rebuilt tower after the Canadian attacks on 11/9)
Countries like Afghanistan, Georgia and Uzbekistan all send troops.  Suddenly these Central Asian Treaty Organization (CATO)  troops witness a crime being done on them or on the Canadian populace.  They arrest the individuals responsible and send them to the Edmonton Airfield.  The troops having done their job and the person now in the hands of the military police go back to the reconstruction of the Canadian nation. The person is then sent to the local jail to be dealt with by local authorities as the CATO has a policy of trying to rebuild the Canadian justice system.

Also the Prime Minister of Georgia doesn't trust the large force from Uzbekastan that runs a secret detainee centre so they create a policy where all detainees are handed back over to the Canadian system.
Uzbek Jail (Bug Pit) from the Real Chris Sparkle
They stay at the local level for a few week, maybe months at the Edmonton Institute, maybe even transferred to another province as the crimes they are accused of are so horrible or just due to overcrowding.  The justice system, as is now, is slow and overcrowded.  The guards let this person get raped and beat up by other inmates.

They claim that the guards allowed this to happen, also the secret police force, the RCMP, torture the suspect to get information.
A woman is arrested at Leon and Pandosy (All photos Gary Moore)
RCMP arresting a Canadian protester
 Finally after a year being held without trial the person is either let off or forced to pay a fine (which they can't afford) and which means longer jail time.  They are stuck in overcrowded prisons and there is little control.
Montreal Jail
That is exactly what happens in Afghanistan just change the names.

Is this a Canadian issue or the issue of the Central Asian Treaty Organization?

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