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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Afghan Commandos Conduct Clearing Operation in Deh Chopan Leading to Eight Insurgents Killed

One should look at all the bad news about Afghanistan and also look at the good news.... Afghans helping Afghans
Afghan commandos question local citizens near Kebay village in the Deh Chopan district of Zabul province during an operation June 23. Afghan Commandos, partnered with coalition Special Operations advisors, conducted a clearing operation in an area where insurgents have been staging attacks on Afghan and coalition forces. (U.S Air Force photo by SSgt Ryan Whitney/Released)

Regional Command South
Headquarters, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force- Afghanistan

ZABUL, Afghanistan (June 26, 2011) – A combined team of Afghan Commandos, Afghan National Police, and coalition Special Operations Forces completed an operation in the Deh Chopan district June 24, leading to eight insurgents killed and numerous weapons caches destroyed. 

The operation occurred in the heart of Deh Chopan near Kebay village, a traditional staging area for many of the recent attacks on Afghan and coalition forces stationed in the region, according to a district police official who participated in the operation. 

A coalition Special Operations advisor said the Afghan-led force was engaged by small arms and mortar fire after entering the vicinity of Kebay village. The combined team responded with precision-guided ordnance aimed at insurgent positions. 

Later in the operation, Afghan Commando team leaders held shuras with village elders to help communicate the purpose of the operation.

“The people of Deh Chopan continue to suffer from intimidation and threats from insurgents,” said an Afghan Commando team leader. “We told the local people we are here to help them and we need their support and cooperation to push insurgents out of this area.” 

A coalition Special Operations advisor said many villagers in Deh Chopan have expressed support for security and development initiatives sponsored by the Government of Afghanistan, but are unable to participate due to routine insurgent intimidation and threats to their families. 

“This operation was important in showing the local population that Afghan forces can and will engage insurgents in Deh Chopan,” said a coalition Special Operations team leader. “When insurgents have less freedom of movement in this area, the people will have more opportunities to support their government.” 

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