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Monday, June 27, 2011

Aid workers that have fallen in Afghanistan

Aid Workers

Updated: 21 April 2011 
Since Operation Enduring Freedom began, it's not just military personnel who have lost their lives. Foreign Aid Workers are as much at risk. Aid organisations struggle to provide humanitarian assistance to impoverished Afghan civilians and the people who work for them, often volunteers, are increasingly becoming casualties.

Apr-11Dil Prasad GurungNepalUN via IDG SecurityExecuted - shot
Apr-11Narayan Bahadur ThapaNepalUN via IDG SecurityExecuted 
Apr-11Chhabi Lal Purja PunNepalUN via IDG SecurityExecuted 
Apr-11Min Bahadur ThapaNepalUN via IDG SecurityExecuted 
Apr-11Filaret MotcoRomanianUNAMAExecuted 
Apr-11Siri SkareNorwegianUNAMA (Norwegian military)Executed - shot
Apr-11Joakim DungelSwedishUNAMAExecuted - shot
GermanKFW Development BankShot in vehicle
Oct-10Linda NorgroveBritishDevelopment Alternatives Inc.During rescue attempt
Aug-10Tom LittleAmericanInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
Aug-10Dan TerryAmericanInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
Aug-10Cheryl BeckettAmericanInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
Aug-10Brian CarderelliAmericanInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
Aug-10Karen WooBritishInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
Aug-10Daniela BeyerGermanInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
Aug-10Tom GramsAmericanInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
Aug-10Glen LappAmericanInternational Assistance MissionExecuted - shot
May-10Chris CarterBritishInternational Relief & DevelopmentAir crash
May-10David TaylorBritishNot reportedAir crash
May-10Daniel SavilleBritishNot reportedAir crash
Oct-09Jossie G. EstoFilipinaUnited Nations (UNV)Hotel terrorist attack
Oct-09Yah-Lydia WonyeneLiberianUnited Nations (UN ELECT)Hotel terrorist attack
Oct-08Gayle WilliamsBritishSERVE AfghanistanShot dead
Aug-08Shirley CaseCanadianIRC International Rescue CommitteeExecuted - shot
Aug-08Nicole DialAmericanIRC International Rescue CommitteeExecuted - shot
Aug-08Jacqueline KirkBritishIRC International Rescue CommitteeExecuted - shot
Aug-08Kazuya ItoJapanesePeshawar-kaiExecuted - shot
Jan-08Thor HeslaAmericanUSAIDShot in hotel massacre
Feb-08Cyd MizellAmericanAsian Rural Life DevelopmentUnknown
Jul-07Ruediger DiedrichGermanWelthungerhilfeExecuted - shot
Jul-07Bae Hyeong-gyuSouth KoreanSaemmul Presbyterian ChurchExecuted - shot
Jul-07Shim Seong-minSouth KoreanSaemmul Presbyterian ChurchExecuted - shot
Mar-07Dieter RueblingGermanWelthungerhilfeExecuted - shot
Mar-06Fadil ZenuniMacedonianEcologExecuted - shot
Mar-06Besim AliuMacedonianEcologExecuted - shot
Mar-06Lulzam FidaniMacedonianEcologExecuted - shot
Mar-06Sabid TahiriMacedonianEcologExecuted - shot
MyanmarUNOPSSuicide bomb attack
Feb-05Carmen UrdanetaVenezuelaManagement in Sciences for HealthAir crash
Feb-05Cristin GadeuAmericanManagement in Sciences for HealthAir crash
Feb-05Amy Lynn MeeksAmericanManagement in Sciences for HealthAir crash
Jun-04Hélène de BeirBelgianMedecins Sans FrontieresExecuted - shot
Jun-04Willem KwintDutchMedecins Sans FrontieresExecuted - shot
Jun-04Egil TynaesNorwegianMedecins Sans FrontieresExecuted - shot
Nov-03Bettina GoislardFrenchUNHCRShot
Mar-03Ricardo MunguiaSwissInternational Red CrossShot

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