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Friday, June 24, 2011

The British Forces finally have the tools to succeed 7 years late.

The British Forces after years of underfunding and casualties mounting finally decided to start to purchase vehicles that the troops wanted and needed.    This is of course 7 years into the war and countless amputees, spinal cord injury victims and soldiers suffering from severe brain injury all in the idea of cost savings

Some Snatch vehicles came from Northern Ireland and fought in the Iraq invasion and occupation with no air conditioning and with windows that could not be rolled down.... When hit by a simply RPG the burst into flames.
Soldiers are not allowed to tell what vehicles they were in when they got hit as it is considered SECRET information.
Land Rover Snatch 1, no protection from any explosives, IED or even bullets
The British Forces have decided to have their people exposed in order to attack easier and to follow the roots of the SAS in North Africa in WW2.
Snatch 2 Land Rover
Landrover Snatch 2
Husky (commader car and patrol vehilce)
 Panther  (Commander vehicle for Engineer, Arty and Armoured Recce)
VIKING BVS10 All Terrain Vehicle (Protected) ATV(P)
Viking BVS10

Warthog All Terrain Protected Mobility Vehicle (50.20kb)
Warthog (All Terrain Protected Mobility Vehicle)

Mastiff 2 armoured patrol vehicle

The Wolfhound training with troops before it deploys. (141.46kb)
Cougar (mine-resistant patrol vehicles)
Cougar showing its worth
 Vector is a fast and lightweight 6x6 wheel-drive patrol vehicle with a newly armoured body, from manufacturers Pinzgauer
Vector Transport

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