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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can two enemies create a two state solution and both give up some ideals?

Can two enemies create a two state solution and both give up some ideals?
The conflict in Israel is such that will go on forever.

The Jews are not going anywhere.
The Palestinians are not going anywhere.

Two options:
1. two state solution
2. All palestinians become israeli citizens with full rights and freedoms.

So obviously the only solution that makes sense is the creation of the palestinian state and it will probably be with some sort of deal with the 1948/1967 borders.

So has there ever been a country that went to war and land was given up for the cause of peace.

Many Palestinians will say that no it has never happened.

I offer the war of 1812 when Canada/UK fought off an American invasion that threatened the very fabric of Canada under the ideals of American Manifest destiny.

The capital of York (Toronto) was burned in an American raid and in response the Brit and CND burned Washington.

How can three countries (Can, US and UK) that are involved in such a horrible war ever find peace?

Canada gave up the territories of Washington State and Oregon for the ending of the goals of manifest destiny.  The goal was a 49th parallel that provided a stable border and an inclusion of British Columbia (eventually into confederation).

Canada, the UK and the US are now the best of allies, the best trading partners and in fact the greatest supplier of secure "foreign" energy to the US.

Now we did it...

Palestinians and Israelis the ball is in your court and to step up...
Peace is in your hands.

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